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  • Η Χαρά της Προσφοράς-01
    The Pleasure of Charity

    The President of Women’s Union of Patras Mrs. Anna Maria Rogdaki, Professor of Pediatrics and Neonatology at the University of Patras and Director of the Pediatric Clinic, MNN of Neongne and PEDI of PGND Mr. Gavriil Dimitriou and the Board of Directors. of the EGYPA. held an event on Sunday, 5 November 2017 at 6 pm […]

  • anna maria rograki-iwanna giannopoulou
    All women together, for the Women’s Union of Patras

    With a Brunch welcomed the biggest charity club in Southwestern Greece the new season. Many friends and members of Women’s Union of Patras came to the Caravel of the Central Square of our city, enjoyed a delicious buffet and talked about the great events who are getting planned.

  • Δεκάδες πρόσκοποι παρακολούθησαν την εκδήλωση δίνοντας μας θετική ενέργεια και δύναμη
    Stop Bullying

    The Women’s Union of Patras were welcomed with the face of great success for another consecutive time after campaigning the event “School Bullying- – Bullying” that took place at Patras first Active-Children Festival. Like always, the largest philanthropic group in Southwest Greece, make an impact thanks to the successful unity and organization. Amongst the honorable […]

  • Άννα Μαρία Ρογδάκη, Γιώργος Παπαδημητρακόπουλος, Κωνσταντίνα Σπυροπούλου, Κώστας Φραγκολιάς
    Konstantina Spiropoulou and Kostas Fragolias at the Love Event hosted by Patras Women Union

    Ten rainy minutes delayed the beginning of the Love Event cocktail party that took place on the enchanting roof garden of a well known hotel in town. The great work of those responsible and the love of the people helped bring the event inside the hotel and magically turned into a glamorous party that no […]

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    K. Hardavelas book presentation

    The book “To zeimpekiko tou nikiti (Winner’s zeimpekiko)” describes the battle of the well-known journalist Kosta Harvavella with cancer through the eyes of his son K.K. Hardavella. “A book dedicated to the fighters of life. Because all those who fight are winners! Regardless of the outcome of the battle” Early supporters and members of the […]

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    The Charity Tea of the Patras Women Union exceeded every expectation regarding the participation

    Another huge event which caused panic in the Hotel Byzantine with the attedants coming very early so they could manage to find a seat. The crowd closed Riga Fereou street once again, as no room seems to be big enough to fit the large number of supporters of the project of the largest Charitable Association […]

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    Patras Women Union at the Karamandanio Children’s Hospital

    Karamandanio Children’s Hospital : Donation of the utmost importance from Patras Women Union. Faye Skorda next to Patras Women Union as an ambassador for a good cause! Patras Women Union, the largest charity union in the south West of Greece has shown that the effort of many people brings the best results. In a solemn […]

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    ActiveWomen: Patras Women Union has completely filled the Hotel “ASTIR”

    ActiveWomen: Patras Women Union has completely filled the Hotel “ASTIR” Once again, Patras Women Union has demonstrated its dynamics on the occasion of the section of the “Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility”,were has literally filled the hall of the Hotel “Astir”, where was held the event “Active Women”. Famous entrepreneurs and journalists were present. Mrs. Ria […]

  • image_main

    The event was marked by all the Media as a “storm of people”. In essence, it was the effort of an association with a term of 25 years to unite the citizens of Patras to contribute to the creation of better conditions for care to the thousands of children who are hospitalized each year in […]

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    25 years of Patras Women Union

    With a great event with a large pulse, Patras Women Union celebrated its 25 years of action and love for the man in the full of crowd space of the hotel “Byzantine”. Its purpose was the strengthening of the Neonatal Intensive care Unit of General University Hospital of Patras, Rio, and the global charity organization […]

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    5 years without Koula

    On the occasion of the 5 year anniversary from the death of the founder Patras Women Union, an event was organised in her memory and honour. The great hall of the hotel “ASTIR” has proved to be too small to fit the thousands of friends who were “touched” by the presence of the Great Lady […]

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    We welcomed spring with a Cocktail Party

    Day dedicated to women and Patras Women Union celebrated it by welcoming the srping with many of its members, while the representatives of the authorities of the city were present once again, supporting the action of this dynamic association.

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    “At heaven’s bouzouki”

    The cultural presence of Patras Women Union was sealed with the presence of the board on the show of the well-known journalist Panagiotis Rigopoulos in his show “At heaven’s bouzouki…” with guest the well-known singer Bessie Argyraki.

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    The promise and the reconstitution

    In compliance with the promise given to her mother, mrs. Anna Maria Rogdaki is moving towards elections and reconstitution of the great charitable association.

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    New races of philanthropy in the new millennium

    A great charity event started the new millennium for Patras Women Union with the gathering of necessities for the Municipality of Patras.

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    Cooperation with the Greek anti-Cancer Company

    Public’s update is a great action for humans. Event for gynecologic cancer. In the picture we see the placement of the president of Patras Women Union. Tragic irony is the fact that herself was a victim of gynaecological cancer a year later.

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    Event, a dinner-Dance for the aid of “Doctors Of the World”

    A particularly successful event was held in the centre “To Kavouri” which was full of people trying to contribute and strengthen the mission of the international Organisation “Doctors Of the World”. It was attended by the city authorities, hundreds of our fellow citizens and many representatives of nationwide Media.

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    Cutting new year’s cake

    The purpose is holy, since the president of Patras Women Union announced the effort to create a food bank. Many of our fellow citizens would be aided by a project that was stopped due to the serious illness of the president.

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    Floating event

    For the purpose of strengthening the fire sufferring members of a large family of Kalavryta, an event was held on a boat moored in the port of Patras. Thanks to the efforts of the council and those of our fellow citizens, the family home was rebuilt, while they were also given a financial support for […]

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    Cutting New Year’s Cake

    In a crowded hall, Patras Women Union presented the activities of the past year and wished everyone a creative new year with even more actions for the man.

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    We welcome summer

    Just before the start of the big heat, Patras Women Union organized an event to enable two young children, 9 and 13 years old, to be operated in children cardiology department of the London hospital.

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    A Night for Giannis Spanos

    Patras Women Union was once again present in cultural events, since it was under its auspices the manifestation of the music-theatrical group “APOPSI”, a tribute to Yiannis Spanos.

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    Three years of Patras Women Union

    With a glamorous event full of world the Union celebrated it’s third birthday. Charity – as always – was the purpose, since money were gathered for a young child to refind his sight. In the event sang the current President of Patras Women Union, mrs Anna Maria Rogdaki.

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    Dance at Lido

    In this event was presented the new board that was recently elected and the president mrs Koula Rogdaki wanted to answer the reasons the Patras Women Union was, is and always will be partyless, as charity should always be.

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    Charity and polictics

    An event that was held on the initiative of the Patras Women Union so that the big personalities of our city become aware of how and why charity is important.

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    Halloween Dance

    The purpose of the dance was the aid of families in need of our city. The participants were able to have fun and to give joy to our fellow human beings.

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    The cutting of the first new year’s cake of the newly created Patras Women Union

    A huge event in pulse with a large number of people despite the fact that the Patras Women Union counted only a few months of life. It is obvious that this movement was embraced by all the women of the city, obviously because it was something that was missing from it.