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The Patras Union of Women (Enwsi Gynaikwn Patras) was founded in 1991 by the late political Koula Rogdakis, more commonly known as the "Great Lady of Patras".

Main shaft: the "Offer to Man".

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The Women's Union was launched, not as a feminist club but with main purpose the struggle for social contribution, the wider promotion of women's issues and the protection of vulnerable social groups. With the motto that "those who are in need is a lot more than those that are interested to help them," they tried and succeeded in so many ways.

Today, the Association of Women grew even more, and through its thousands members strives to offer, within turbulent times, skeptical and extremely difficult.

We are here, doing the simple, daily next door charity. Our offices are open for all those who are in need and for all those who want to offer and to put a small stone in something that doesn't belong to anyone. In the social offer.

We don't have financial resources. We don't take money from the state. We are still stubbornly opposed to anything that can be called profit.

With our own forces that are not small at all, we are trying and many times we succeed to be next to those in need of our help.

The Patras Union of Women in its 25 years term of office saw its efforts get rewarded through the eyes of two young men who were operated in a hospital in London and got back their vision with money collected solely from the members of our Association. We shared the joy of the parents of little Angelos, who made a successful heart transplant in a hospital abroad, and today, as a teenager remembers his long adventure like a bad dream.

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