Baby food of 148 kg from the Association of Women of Patras in collaboration with the charitable organization HUMAN PLUS

In a significant action, the Association of Women of Patras proceeded to continue their work, in collaboration with the Doctor Anestis Ioannidis and the World Charitable organization Human Plus.
The President of the Association of Women of Patras, Anna-Maria Rogdaki, took the initiative and all together managed to collect and then distribute about 148 kilos of children’s ground food.
Many of these foods found their way into the Charity Association for the Asylum of the disabled children “Ark Of Love” as well as in the food bank “Cellar of Love”, while a pallet was given to the disposal of needy families.
The notable fact is that a part of these foods were accepted by the church of “Saint Marina” and also by the retirement home “Konstantopoulio” as it is about ground food that is suitable for older people, too.
Of course the thank-you notes couldn’t be missed. The first note was sent from the Ark of Love to the Association, which has been part of the work of caring for children who are recipients of this love for years, while the second note was sent from the Holy Metropolis of Patras to the world charity Human Plus Organization for the great help that these baby Foods offered to the needs of the social rations “ARTOS AGAPIS” of the Holy Metropolis.

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