The Charity Tea of the Patras Women Union exceeded every expectation regarding the participation

Another huge event which caused panic in the Hotel Byzantine with the attedants coming very early so they could manage to find a seat. The crowd closed Riga Fereou street once again, as no room seems to be big enough to fit the large number of supporters of the project of the largest Charitable Association in south-western Greece.

The former Minister, mrs. Fani Palli Petralia has spoken for the first time after 7 years and thrilled the audience with the historical facts she cited and praised the work of the Patras Women Union and especially those of the Founder and her friend of Koula Rogdaki.
Radiant as always mrs. Emi Livaniou accepted with great honor and thrill her proclamation as an Ambassador of the Patras Women Union, and committed to bring out its action in her yearbook: “PEOPLE WHO OFFER”, that will travel around the world.
Mrs. Vana Barba with her appearance caused the most exclamations of admiration while hundreds were those who wanted to take a picture with her.
The evening was particularly emotional, especially in the moment that the President of the Patras Women Union mrs. Anna Maria Rogdaki referred to her friend mrs. Tassia Manolopoulou and the angel, who left us 7 months ago, making sure to give life to 5 people. “Honor roll of Life” was given to mrs. Tassia Manolopoulou, because through her pain gave the opportunity to other people to live. Very moved, mrs Manolopoulou closed her speech with a poem that classmates of Niki wrote for her.
Present was also Dr. Fofi Kamposiora member of the board of LifeLine Hellas, as well as the director of the agency mrs. Nadia Zacharaki.
The Karamandanio Children’s Hospital was awarded at the event, the President of the E.E.S. mrs. Monica Solomou, the ex Vice-mayor of Patras, mrs. Marianna Stamatiadou, the vice governor of Western Greece, mr. Antonis Harokopos, the Doctor Katerina Gatopoulou, the president of the Greek women Lyceum, mrs. Katerina Polikreti, the private Educational schools “PANOY” and mr. Marcos Nikolados, the businessman mr. Alexander K. Kallergis and mr. Stavros Bakolias.
The baritone Nicholas Karagkiaouris bewitched the audience, accompanied on the piano by the well-known lawyer and pianist Andreas Kotsifa.
The event was presented by the prestigious journalist mr. Konstantinos Flamis.
The event was attended by his Grace Bishop of Kernitsis mr Chrysanthos who blessed the New Years pie, the former Minister Giorgos Mavraganis, the parliament members mr. Nikos Nikolopoulos and Andreas Κatsaniotis, the ex member of parliament mr. Athanasios Ntavlouros, the politicians, mr. Angelos Τsigkris, mrs. Effie Giannia, mrs. Helena Konidiari, mrs. Georgia Ntatsika, mrs. Helen Panitsa Bakopoulou, the former president of the NODE Achaia mr. John Makkas, the president of the Medical Association mrs. Anna Mastorakou with the entire board, the director of the Κaramandanio Children’s Hospital, mrs. Vasiliki Georgiopoulou. The president of the Pammessiniakos Association mrs. Penelope Lampousi, the chairman of “Alma Zois” Achaia, mrs. Liolio Kolipera with the Vice-president, mrs. Angeliki Stefanaki and a large number of representatives of service providers and associations of our city.

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