WinOnLine | Women In Action | Erasmus+ co funded project

WinOnLine is a European, Erasmus+ co funded project, implemented by six partners, in which Patra's Women Union is participating alongside p-consulting.
The project focuses to unemployed women over 40 years old, who are facing difficulties to enter or re-enter to the labour market (low skills and competences, family responsibilities etc.)
and they want to be e-entrepreneurs, but they have low digital and entrepreneurship skills.

WinOnLine is an Erasmus+ co funded project which main objectives are:

  • Better understanding of women expectations & needs in learning environments, concerning new technology and e-entrepreneurship.
  • Improved knowledge & use of pedagogical tools, new technology in educating women over 40 years old with low digital and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Exchange of good practice among partners.
  • Create the basic theoretical foundations for the implementation of education of digital and entrepreneurial skills to low-skilled and/or low-qualified women over 40 years old.
  • Get to know low-skilled and/or low-qualified women over 40 years old, as an diverse group of adult learners for whom education is being prepared according to their needs and for them.

Partnership of the project is composed of the following organisations:

  • Patras Women Union (Greece)
  • Ylä-Savo Vocational College (Finland)
  • ERROTU (Spain)
  • APID Torino (Italy)
  • eurosuccess (Cyprus)
  • Letu (Lithuania)
  • (Greece)

1st Newsletter of Win On Line

Find out about the actions implemented in the framework of the Win On Line Project until today, through our 1st Newsletter.

In the 1st Newsletter you can find information about:

The goals & results of the Project, which is aimed at women over 40 with low digital skills and business knowledge, but want to create their own e-business.

The internet surveys, carried out in all countries participating in the Project, gathering information for the implementation of Win On Line’s main goals. The first survey was aimed at training providers, experts, professionals and mentors in women entrepreneurship / e-entrepreneurship and the second survey was aimed at women who want to become e-entrepreneurs.

The Focus Groups & Online Workshops, held in all partner countries, in order to inform women over 40 who want to become e-entrepreneurs, about the goals of the Project and the expected results.